How to Connect Canon MG3620 Printer to WiFi

Steps to Connect Canon MG3620 Printer to WiFi

This way you can easily learn how to connect my Canon Pixma Mg3620 Printer to a wireless network

The entire process for connecting Canon MG3620 Printer to WiFi is described here. Here are the steps to connect my Canon mg3620 printer to the wifi. Each step is described in an orderly manner. The details of all the steps are as follows:

Before beginning Wireless Connection Printer Setup:

Right before the Wireless Connection Setup, users need to take care of a number of things. Some of the things the user needs to make sure are listed here.

  • The user needs to ensure the printer is turned on.
  • When the printer is turned on, the printer will be lit by the ON light.
  • If the printer is cleaning, printing head alignment or some other process, the user needs to wait for the process mentioned above to finish before starting the setup process.
  • If the WiFi lamp on the printer is blinking, the user will click the Stop button.

Choose a method of connection below:

The users can then enforce the connection method described below. It may happen that a connection to the internet is not available.

Steps 1: Connection using Cableless Setup

Users can make the connection set up by applying the following steps:

  • Users need to click and hold the WiFi button on the printer before the ON lamp flashes.
  • Then, the user needs to push the color button that is placed, and then the WiFi button.
  • The user needs to make sure that the WiFi light flashes instantly and that the ON light is lit.
  • After that, the user needs to go back to the application screen and then continue with the setup process.

Canon Pixma MG3620 WiFi Setup Windows 10:

Users could wonder how to link a Canon mg3620 printer to a wifi on a window. The steps listed below are the appropriate answers to know Canon mg3620 wifi setup on Windows:

  • First, you go to the official website of the Canon.
  • Find your product model and choose your Windows operating system.
  • To start the wireless setup process, the user needs to click on the download option.
  • The download message will be shown.
  • The user must select Save as an options from the Save menu and then save the same with any location.
  • Once the download process has been completed, a message will be displayed with a click Run.

Canon Pixma Mg3620 WiFi Setup Mac:

This steps shows how to link Canon mg3620 printer to WiFi on Mac device process , please follow the following easy steps:

  • First, you ‘re going to the official Canon printer site.
  • Find your printer product model and choose Mac operating system.
  • And click the download option to start the installation process.
  • After doing so, a number of messages will be shown.
  • The user must check every message and click on the Open option or Allow Always.

Steps 2: Wireless LAN Connection of the MG3620 Canon Printer to the Access Point using the WPS Push Button Steps:

  • Click and hold the WiFi button first until the ON light flashes.
  • Click the Black Start button, then the WiFi button.
  • Ensure that the WiFi light flashes instantly and that the ON light is lit.
  • When the WiFi light flashes rapidly and goes to your wireless router, press and hold the WPS button for two minutes.
  • The WiFi and ON lights will be light at the stage where the connection is made.

Steps 3: Connect your Canon MG3620 Printer to the WPS PIN code steps of your wireless LAN:

  • The user will press the WiFi button on the printer and hold it until the ON light flashes on the printer.
  • The user will then click the WiFi button. (All wireless connection information, including the PIN code, will be printed immediately after this.)
  • The user must hold down the stop button on the printer until the warning lamp flashes 16 times. After the 16 flashes, the user will release the Stop button.
  • Users need to set the WPS pin code to a wireless router listed on the printed Network Settings tab.
  • Make sure the WiFi light is lit on the printer.

The above steps will help users to make canon mg3620 wireless setup without any hindrances. When a question occurs, the experts may be consulted at any time. The experts are well trained and have plenty of information on how to connect Canon MG3620 printers with wifi.

Facing Issues- Connect To The Technical Experts:

To get appropriate assistance and help repair technological glitches, users should connect to qualified technical experts. The steps mentioned here are quick and easy to use without any problems. The experts are always available. The skilled and certified technicians available are always present to provide adequate guidance and assistance. The support team consists of highly qualified experts.

How to Connect Canon MG3620 Printer to WiFi

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